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Integrated Point of Interface for LTE 2×2 MIMO Systems

June 7th, 2013
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This POI integrates all the necessaary circuitries into a neat 19″ rack mounted chassis. This connects 2600MHz LTE network operator with 2 x 2 MIMO ports to your In Building Antenna System.

Advantage of Integrated POI

  1. Integrated design eliminates human error in jumper connection
  2. Compact design reduces space requirement by 50%+ in the precious equipment room
  3. Test port making it easy for T&C
  4. 20dB power adjustment provides flexibility in the link budget
  5. Special heat dissipation management allow the system to operate without fans to eliminate maitenance needs

Advanced Technical Design Enabling the Best Data Throughput

  • Duplex input per operator. This is customisable if needed.
  • The RF will then be routed through the duplexers, attenuators, splitters & combiners as necessary and eventually give 2 pair of MIMO UL DL ports to be connected to the Hub or host units as needed.
  • Power control at 20dB range so there is flexibility on-the-fly or post installation. These will be set by screws on the front panel of the 19″ standard rack mount chassis.
  • Test port for trouble shooting and T & C.
  • All components are contained within the chassis to avoid any chance of tempering by known parties after T & C.

Other types of systems supported:

  1. WCDMA / 3G
  2. GSM
  3. CDMA
  4. Tetra
  5. DCS

We will customise the POI to suit the unique requirements from each project. Below is an example of a POI system connecting various GSM operators to 10 Hosts of the DAS system.

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