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Antenna Diplexer 400 Tetra / Mobile

January 3rd, 2020
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newAn antenna diplexer or RF diplexer is a unit or module that enables two antenna feeds to be combined and carried down one feeder. Conversely, it can act as a splitter to enable the signal from one feeder to be connected to two receivers or antennas.

Tetra 400 / Mobile Diplexer

Diplexer 400 Tetra / Mobile

Diplexer 400 Tetra / Mobile

  • Tetra and mobile antenna diplexer enables Tetra security and Mobile Cellular radio signals to be combined or split with a single feeder.
  • Enabling multiple transmitters to use a single antenna: Mobile services often use multiple frequencies, possibly for different Mobile Network Operators. In view of the size and cost of the antennas they may have a single antenna and they may want to combine the signals from several transmitters to feed into the antenna. As they are on different frequencies, it is possible to use a diplexer to combine the signals and use a single feed.
  • Enabling a multiband transmitter to use different antennas according to frequency.
  • Allowing single feeder to be used for multiple feeds. The signals from he antennas can be combined at the antenna end using diplexer, and a second diplexer at the point of use to route the signals.
  • More new products for 5G:


Conceptual Diagram of a Diplexer

Conceptual Diagram of a Diplexer




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Antenna for Stadium, Triband SISO

November 20th, 2014
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Stadium Challenges for Mobile Services

DTGWHPA5050S Triband SiSo

  • Multiple services GSM, UMTS and LTE, plus WiFi, Security, CDMA etc.
  • Multiple Operators, neutral hosts
  • High capacity
  • High density
  • High precision required in Antennas mounting
  • Carefully designed sectorisation & calibration

DragonTECH Stadium Antenna new

pdficon DTGWHPA5050S Triband SiSo

  • 824-960 / 1710-2170 / 2300-2500 LTE
  • 9.5 dBi gain
  • >30dB F/B Ratio
  • 1.5 VSWR
  • >± 45° ” 20dB attenuation


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November 1st, 2014
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Outdoor Omni Antenna for Security Networks

fire brigade

Our monopole antenna for Tetra 400 / 800 and Trunk Radio Systems.  These are ideal for outdoor sites, BTS and oDAS. They withstand wind loading and are very durable and stable in performance.



Detail specifications are here:

pdficon DTQJ400B Outdoor Omni Antenna (for Tetra 400 and Trunk Radio)

pdficon DTSD656D54DF Outdoor Omni Antenna (for Tetra 800 / CDMA / GSM)

Quotation & Further Details

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Tetra System for Sale

June 21st, 2010
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We have a TETRA system from Motorola which we would like to sell.

These are used by police and security forces worldwide. Some proerty management groups will use them too. These are like walkie talkie radio but they are digital and they have data communications capability.

The system we are selling has 3 cell sites and 200 subscribers. Condition is excellent.

System Overview

MTP850 Handset

If you have questions and are interested please contact us.

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