About us

Hello World!Welcome to DragonTECH.

Our Service Geography has been ever expanding and includes:

Asia – Hongkong. Macau. Malaysia. Singapore. Indonesia. Phillipines. Vietnam. Cambodia
Middle East – Dubai . Saudi Arabia . Kuwait . Jordan . Bahrain
Africa –  Libya . South Africa. Tunisia
Europe – UK. Germany. The Netherlands
America – USA. Mexico
Australia – New Zealand. Australia . Guam

Service Geographics
DragonTECH is a trusted partner in technical services and RF products:
  • Cables – Fibre, RG, Cat6, Coax etc.
  • Jumper Cable
  • Antenna
  • RF Component
  • Test Equipment
  • Design, build & service
  • Training

DragonTECH project structure adopts a team approach with our customers and suppliers. DragonTECH focus on process management and teamworking. We are determined to delivering Value to the customers, providing top quality Engineering expertise and excellent Workmanship, effective cost management and professional time management. These are the Core Values that we deliver in DragonTECH project assignments.

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