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Antenna Diplexer 400 Tetra / Mobile

January 3rd, 2020
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newAn antenna diplexer or RF diplexer is a unit or module that enables two antenna feeds to be combined and carried down one feeder. Conversely, it can act as a splitter to enable the signal from one feeder to be connected to two receivers or antennas.

Tetra 400 / Mobile Diplexer

Diplexer 400 Tetra / Mobile

Diplexer 400 Tetra / Mobile

  • Tetra and mobile antenna diplexer enables Tetra security and Mobile Cellular radio signals to be combined or split with a single feeder.
  • Enabling multiple transmitters to use a single antenna: Mobile services often use multiple frequencies, possibly for different Mobile Network Operators. In view of the size and cost of the antennas they may have a single antenna and they may want to combine the signals from several transmitters to feed into the antenna. As they are on different frequencies, it is possible to use a diplexer to combine the signals and use a single feed.
  • Enabling a multiband transmitter to use different antennas according to frequency.
  • Allowing single feeder to be used for multiple feeds. The signals from he antennas can be combined at the antenna end using diplexer, and a second diplexer at the point of use to route the signals.
  • More new products for 5G:


Conceptual Diagram of a Diplexer

Conceptual Diagram of a Diplexer




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Antenna for Stadium, Triband MIMO

November 20th, 2014
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Stadium Challenges for Mobile Services
DTGWHPA5050S Triband SiSo

  • Multiple services GSM, UMTS and LTE, plus WiFi, Security, CDMA etc.
  • Multiple Operators, neutral hosts
  • High capacity
  • High density
  • High precision required in Antennas mounting
  • Carefully designed sectorisation & calibration

DragonTECH Stadium Antennanew

pdficon  DTGWHPX5050M Triband MIMO

824-960 / 1710-2170 / 2300-2500 LTE
For more information please CONTACT us.

Variable Power Management for LTE

October 25th, 2011
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LTE 4G variable attenuator

When it comes to precise control of power levels, DragonTECH has the best LTE solutions.

Systems like optical RF transport systems require flexibility for the site enginer to be able to finetune power levels, and yet high precision is required. Not to mention that it needs to be very reliable so the power levels stay exactly the same after testing and commissioning.

Consider the Variable Attenuator LTE 0-3000MHz, contact us for more details.

Frequency DC~3GHz
Impedance (Ohms) 50
Attenuation (dB) 0 to 31 (in 1 dB steps)
Insertion Loss (dB) ≤ 3.5
Precision (dB) ± 2.5
Power (w) 10
VSWR 1.5
Connector N Male
Operating temperature (°C) -55 to +85
Dimensions (mm) 122 x 30 x 20

DragnTECH Solutions for 4G LTE

May 19th, 2010
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LTE 4G Antenna

64 Network Operators Have Committed to LTE in 31 Countries

China Telecom, China Mobile and its subsidary CM Peoples have announced their committment to LTE. This will mean that LTE will be the de facto standard for wireless high speed data in the region. LTE is the natural migration choice for GSM/HSPA operators and is the main direction for the industry. LTE is also the next generation mobile broadband system of choice of leading CDMA operators.

DragonTECH is LTE Ready. We have a fully developed range of products and solutions.

4G Cavity Power Divider

4G Directional Coupler

4G LTE Diplexer

4G LTE Quadplexer

4G Microstrip Power Divider

4G Omni Antenna DTQI0727-3A

4G Omni Antenna DTQJ0727-FS

This list is not exhaustive, we are happy to learn your specific requirements. Contact us.

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