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Interference to your 5G services?

November 6th, 2019
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newBetter Data with our New Bandstop Filter

With more and more of our clients having problems with interference from different RF sources, this new filter helps prevent it.

Interference Prevention with Customisation

We can customise any Passband and Stopband for your case with 30 to 50 dB rejection suiting your needs.

This will improve voice and data significantly, bring more traffic, more revenue and happier customers in the network with improved LOYALTY!

Filter with DIN connectors

Filter with DIN connectors

Passband MHz  1960-1980  2150-2170
Stopband MHz 1983.1~1990
Insertion loss dB <1.0 @ 1960 – 1979 MHz<1.7 @ 1979 – 1980 MHz<0.5 @ 2150 – 2170 MHz
Stopband Rejection dB >45 @ 1983.1~1990MHz
Return Loss  dB >15 @ 1960 – 1980 MHz>18 @ 2150 – 2170 MHz
IM3 dBc <-160 @ 2x40w carriers
Connector 7/16 DIN
Impedance Ω 50
Power dBm 50 Average Power54 Spontaneous Power


New Equipment for 5G Networks

November 4th, 2019
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New and Improved – Latest RF Components

We are glad to share our latest products in Radio Frequency systems.

These new parts adds value to your 4G & 5G  Systems. In the photo are our new:

  • 3dB Hybrid Coupler
  • Attenuator
  • Termination Load
  • Circulator
High Power Splitters

High Power Splitters for 4G

Benefits & Application

These are vital components to be used with your Base Station, Node B, or BDA. They can be used with your passive, active or hybrid DAS.

These components offers good system isolation to avoid interference, together with low insertion loss they are your ideal selection to bring excellent voice quality and data throughput to your customers.


coupler / splitter

directional coupler and power splitter

USB Testers for RF – Compact & Mobile

October 4th, 2016
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DTEST - USB Testers for RF

DTEST – USB Testers for RF

The DTEST solution is designed for RF Engineers who needs to carry compact, lightweight and yet powerful test tools for on site work. It is made up of:

  • Signal Generator / Transmitter
  • Spectrum Analyser / Receiver







1SS 10-04-16 at 08.10 AM


Signal Generator powered by USB – Model USG35-4400

PC Based Spectrum Analyser – Model NWT25-6000

Data Sheet:

pdficon Signal Generator powered by USB

pdficon PC Based Spectrum Analyser

Contact us for more details.




MIMO WiFi 3 Sector Antenna

November 1st, 2015
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MIMO 3 sector antenna for WiFi

MIMO 3 sector antenna for WiFi

Our MIMO antenna solution for WiFi, featuring:

  • Dual band 2.4 & 5.8 GHz
  • 17 dbi gain
  • 120 degrees (for 3 sectors)
  • 4 N connectors
  • MIMO
  • High Quality Performance for Outdoor sites
  • High Gain
  • Easy to install

New Circulators for LTE

January 29th, 2014
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New high quality circulators in our family helps you get the most out of your Distributed Antenna Systems.


Stable Performance under different temperature  High performance short lead-time

Stable Performance under different temperature
High performance short lead-time

For LTE 2600

Model TH2528XS-1
Frequency Range
Loss ≤0.3dB
Isolation ≥23dB
VSWR ≤1.20
Power 100W
Connector N female
Direction Clockwise
Temperature Range -30~+70 °C


For LTE 700

Model TH3434ES-1
Frequency Range
Loss ≤0.3dB
Isolation ≥23dB
VSWR ≤1.20
Power 200W
Connector N female
Direction Clockwise
Temperature Range -30~+70 °C

We have been supplying high quality circualtors for many years for:

  • Any common RF bands
  • Widebands

Please contact us for more details.



Integrated Point of Interface for LTE 2×2 MIMO Systems

June 7th, 2013
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This POI integrates all the necessaary circuitries into a neat 19″ rack mounted chassis. This connects 2600MHz LTE network operator with 2 x 2 MIMO ports to your In Building Antenna System.

Advantage of Integrated POI

  1. Integrated design eliminates human error in jumper connection
  2. Compact design reduces space requirement by 50%+ in the precious equipment room
  3. Test port making it easy for T&C
  4. 20dB power adjustment provides flexibility in the link budget
  5. Special heat dissipation management allow the system to operate without fans to eliminate maitenance needs

Advanced Technical Design Enabling the Best Data Throughput

  • Duplex input per operator. This is customisable if needed.
  • The RF will then be routed through the duplexers, attenuators, splitters & combiners as necessary and eventually give 2 pair of MIMO UL DL ports to be connected to the Hub or host units as needed.
  • Power control at 20dB range so there is flexibility on-the-fly or post installation. These will be set by screws on the front panel of the 19″ standard rack mount chassis.
  • Test port for trouble shooting and T & C.
  • All components are contained within the chassis to avoid any chance of tempering by known parties after T & C.

Other types of systems supported:

  1. WCDMA / 3G
  2. GSM
  3. CDMA
  4. Tetra
  5. DCS

We will customise the POI to suit the unique requirements from each project. Below is an example of a POI system connecting various GSM operators to 10 Hosts of the DAS system.

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LTE Bi-directional Log Periodic Antenna

January 15th, 2013
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Latest in our LTE products family, it has:

  • High Gain
  • Low VSWR
  • Highly directional
  • Easy to Install
  • Lightweight

This antenna supports:

  • 700-960 / 1710—2700 wideband
  • 2 sectors coverage

4G Bidirectional Antenna

More LTE products please click HERE.

Invisible LTE Antenna for ALL frequencies

December 29th, 2011
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Our Invisible Antenna  has recently been upgraded to cover all 4G/LTE frequencies, making it a truly global choice for all LTE systems.

Invisible LTE Antenna (datasheet)

Why is it Invisible ?

Our invisible antenna is one of our best selling items. This is mounted from above the false ceiling and only the ‘smoke detector’ shape is seen by the users. Making the antenna invisible

How does it help Data service for 3G / 4G?

This actually allows you to have the dipole below the ceiling for maximum Data performance, while it is so low profile that does not make users think that there is an antenna. Since the dipole is below ceiling, it will not be blocked by builder materials. These materials are often made of metal which reduces available radio signal strength and caused reflection and difraction. By using the Invisible Antenna, the maximum Signal to Noise Ratio and Signal Strength are acieved to allow best  Voice Quality and Data Throughput.

Why is the Invisible Antenna best for 3G / 4G?

We have now upgraded this Invisible Antenna to support 700 MHz to 6000 MHz, covering the 4G / LTE frequencies. By using this antenna, the building is future proof. If an upgrade is required you are ensured that the antenna can continue be used to support the next technology.

More details here (more LTE antenna / parts)

Variable Power Management for LTE

October 25th, 2011
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LTE 4G variable attenuator

When it comes to precise control of power levels, DragonTECH has the best LTE solutions.

Systems like optical RF transport systems require flexibility for the site enginer to be able to finetune power levels, and yet high precision is required. Not to mention that it needs to be very reliable so the power levels stay exactly the same after testing and commissioning.

Consider the Variable Attenuator LTE 0-3000MHz, contact us for more details.

Frequency DC~3GHz
Impedance (Ohms) 50
Attenuation (dB) 0 to 31 (in 1 dB steps)
Insertion Loss (dB) ≤ 3.5
Precision (dB) ± 2.5
Power (w) 10
VSWR 1.5
Connector N Male
Operating temperature (°C) -55 to +85
Dimensions (mm) 122 x 30 x 20

4G LTE 6 way Power Divider gives you 6 antenna instead of 1

May 4th, 2011
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6 way LTE splitters

6 way LTE splitters

To further empower Antenna System designs, we offer this Power Divider to split RF power into 6 ways for 6 different antenna, to improve the overall cost effectiveness of the DAS.

Type Microstrip
Type 2 way


3 way


4 way


6 way


Loss ≤3.5dB ≤5.5dB ≤6.6dB ≤9.5dB
Dimension mm 76 x 38 x 20 72 x 72 x 23 72 x 72 x 23 150 x 95 x 20
Working Frequency 700-2700MHz 700-2700MHz 700-2700MHz 800-2700MHz
Port Isolation dB 20 20 20 16
Ripple ≤1 dB
Impedance 50Ω
VSWR ≤1.35
IM3 ≤-110dbc (+43dBm x 2)
Power 50W 50W 50W 20W
Connector N female
Working temp. -40~+60℃

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