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100% Coverage !

April 30th, 2009

How does it work?

PicoDAS works as a bridge between the BTS and mobiles. It picks up the strongest signal from BTS via the Donor Antenna, linearly amplifies the signal and then retransmits it via the Distribution Antenna System to the weak/blind coverage .
PicoDAS marries the benefits of the repeater and pico-cell solutions. If signal coverage is required then the DAS can be connected to the indoor port of our PicoDAS.

PicoDAS the solution for 100% Coverage

PicoDAS provides an affordable solution to solve the indoor signal coverage problems due to signal fading and attenuation caused by architecture obstacles. And its easy installation and maintenance can help normal users setup without the need of an expensive engineer.

NO interference to the Macro Network

Solution for 100% coverage

Solution for 100% coverage

  • Auto Uplink Shutdown when no user is detected to ensure no interference to the macro network
  • Smart Digital and Analog ALC are applied to provide Dynamic Gain separately for uplink & downlink
  • Auto Self Diagnostics
  • Automatic Testing & Commissioning
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