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64 Network Operators Have Committed to LTE in 31 Countries

LTE will be the de facto standard for wireless high speed data. LTE is the natural migration choice for WCDMA/HSPA operators and is the main direction for the industry.


As an example, Japan’s NTT DOCOMO’s Xi LTE service will offer downlinks of up to 75 Mbps, approximately 10 times faster than the company’s current FOMA™ 3G service. Initially, Xi will be available in the Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka areas, but coverage eventually will be expanded to other major cities and then additional areas of the nation. Xi users will be seamlessly handed over to the FOMA network whenever they leave a Xi service area.

DragonTECH LTE Products

DragonTECH is LTE Ready. We have a fully developed range of products and solutions.

4G Bidirectional Antenna

4G Cavity Power Divider

4G Directional Coupler

4G LTE Injector

4G LTE Quadplexer

4G Microstrip Power Divider

Invisible LTE Antenna

4G Log Periodic Antenna

This list is not exhaustive, we are happy to learn your specific requirements. Contact us.

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