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  • Corrugated Copper Tube Series Coaxial Cablescable50

    * Excellent Electrical performance
    * 80% super-high degree foaming polyethylene insulation
    * Low attenuation, low VSWR
    * Light, flexible and easily-bending thin-wall corrugated copper conductor offers convenience for field work with 6 types of dimensions
    * Effective moisture-proofing without injection of drying-gases
    * Come with full Test Report
    * 100% RoHS, LSZH, ISO9001:2000

  • Fusion Blue Cablefusionblue

    Coaxial Cable for LGC InterReach Fusion

  • Fusion Red Cablefusionred

    Coaxial Cable for LGC InterReach Fusion

  • Leaky Radiating Coaxial Cablesleakycable2

    A radiating cable functions both as a transmission line and as an antenna.

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