Active Eqpt, POI & BTS Enhancement

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  • BTS Enhancement Solutions TMA5

    Tower Mounted Amplifier & Tower Mounted Booster TMA & TMB DTTMAB09-18-21 DragonTECH Tower Mounted Booster together with micro base station gives macro base station coverage with minimised investments. The result is lower infrastructure cost per square kilometre. Key Features: High output power and excellent stability. advanced filtering technology miniaturization design. High dynamic range. Output power […]

  • PicoDASpicodas

    The Only Option for 100% Coverage

    + Auto Uplink Shutdown when no user is detected to ensure no interference to the macro network

    + Smart Digital and Analog ALC are applied to provide Dynamic Gain separately for uplink & downlink

  • Point of Interface (POI)poit

    Hi Tech Design
    ● 8×4, 20×4 configuration
    ● Best performance
    ● Highest power for DAS
    ● Extra Low Loss
    ● Extra Low Intermod
    ● Extra High Rejection
    ● Low VSWR

  • Repeateregsmrep

    Full Range of Products to suit your needs:
    * EGSM, Tetra, WCDMA repeaters
    * Any Band
    * Any Combination
    * Low Noise
    * Easy to Install

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