BTS Enhancement Solutions

TMA1Tower Mounted Amplifier & Tower Mounted Booster



DragonTECH Tower Mounted Booster together with micro base station gives macro base station coverage with minimised investments. The result is lower infrastructure cost per square kilometre. Key Features:

  • High output power and excellent stability.
  • advanced filtering technology
  • miniaturization design.
  • High dynamic range.
  • Output power 20-100 W.
  • Flexible 1/2 carrier configuration
  • Multiple Power Supply 220VAC, -48VDC.


The Tower Mounted Booster is an optimal solution for the following application:

  • For compensation of large feeder loss
  • For coverage of low-density populated areas
  • For highway coverage where the traffic does not justify a large number of sites
  • For boosting cell coverage
  • For boosting up low power signals from micro BTS.



Datasheet: Tower Mounted Boster GSM DCS

Datasheet: Tower Mounted Boster WCDMA

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