Reflector Antenna for 890-960 MHz DTSPDJ-900-18V90

  • Adjustable ReflectorReflector Antenna
  • Adjustable High Gain
  • High Front / Back Ratio
  • Flexible & High Performance


Reflector Antenna for 890-960 MHz DTSPDJ-900-18V90

This refflector antenna is a special antenna designed for very high gain requirements, following are some examples.


If you need to cover 2 corridors at 90 degrees, adjust the reflector so that all RF is radiated within this 90 degrees to maximise performance and you only need 1 antenna instead of 2 panel antenna.

Service sector restrictions

If you need to radiate highly directionally to a specific area; and do not want signal over spilt to outside this area, this antenna is for you. It can restrict RF to 40 degrees.

Network Selective Donor Antenna

If you have a repeater site with multiple networks, and that you do not want to pick up signal from competitors and re-transmit them inside the building, you can use this antenna to sharply point to the preferred BTS and use the reflector to selectively block other network out by the attenuation from the reflectors.

There are many other applciations you may contact us for more information.

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