Customer Obligations

Customer Responsbility

DragonTECH  assumes that the Customer will make all reasonable efforts to assist the service engineer in the repair of the system. This will include the following, where applicable:

  • The customer agrees that the Line of Demarcation is the RF connection into the DAS
  • The Customer shall provide updated end user contact information.
  • The customer shall provide ready and safe access to the equipment. Arranging escorts for the technician(s) where necessary, and obtaining any security clearances. Delays caused by lack of free and unhindered access to the site will incur an additional charge.
  • The customer shall provide access such as aerial lift devices and wall / ceiling openings to access the equipment and/or union labor if that is required. In either instance, the requirement of special access equipment may delay repair of the equipment.
  • The Customer shall assist service engineer to obtain support from the applicable carrier/network providing transmission services to the DAS.


DragonTECH’s maintenance plan assumes that the Customer exhibits reasonable care and operates the equipment in a manner for which it was designed. The following is excluded from this support plan:

  • Damage caused by the Customer or third parties.
  • Macro-network signal strength and/or base station changes, re-tuning, or problems, and/or any issues related to the RF source; i.e. repeater, BDAs or BTS, unless the Customer plans with DragonTECH in advance. Without prior plans in place, a faulty BDA or repeater may result in system downtime, and damage to DAS equipment which will incur additional charges.
  • Misuse or mishandling of the equipment.
  • No Trouble Found: DragonTECH will invoice the Customer for labor, travel expenses and materials if a technician is dispatched and does not find a problem, or finds a problem that was caused by a party other than DragonTECH or its equipment. These charges will be quoted and mutually agreed.
  • The cabling infrastructure of optical fibers, CAT5 or coax cables is explicitly excluded from this plan. DragonTECH will diagnose any problems in this category on a case by case basis. Faults in the cable infrastructure, after the warranty expires, will be identified during the troubleshooting process. Subsequently, it will be determined who is the responsible party for making the cable repairs.
  • Systems not installed by DragonTECH, not purchased directly from DragonTECH, or those that have not been under continuous maintenance by DragonTECH  since its original installation. For such systems, DragonTECH may request a system audit and make all necessary repairs before it can be covered under DragonTECH System Maintenance plan. The Customer shall bear the cost of this audit and necessary repairs.

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